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Burgess Health Center is dedicated to providing quality services with competence and compassion. The small community feeling is reflected in the personal care each patient receives.

There are advantages to being in a smaller facility. Because we’re not so big, every nurse has to be both a generalist and a specialist. Our nurses are certified and capable of caring for every condition from pediatrics to cardiac life support. That means you will receive the best care, no matter why you come to Burgess.

In-room computers allow electronic charting and electronic health records, and doctors will be able to pull up X-rays or CT scan images right in the room. Two rooms were created to be specialty care rooms for patients needing intensive care. Intensive care rooms enable staff and physicians to read an EKG and monitor blood pressure, breathing, cardiac output and carbon dioxide levels on a real-time basis.

Housed under one roof in the hospital, patients have access to everything they may need to recuperate: labs, medical imaging, physical therapy, a pharmacy, and other services.

All patients have the right to make choices and the right to preserve their self-respect, dignity, and privacy. Click here to view our Patients Rights & Responsibilities.

It is important for you to be informed and active in your care. Education plays an important role during hospitalization. Nurses have a variety of teaching techniques and take-home materials to help patients prepare for, understand, and recover from their surgeries.

Acute and Skilled Care: Inpatient hospitalization following surgery and longer-term recuperation and rehabilitation

Cardiac monitoring: Central monitoring at nurses station monitoring heart rate and rhythm

Observation: Patients who do not meet inpatient admission criteria, but who need to be observed or monitored for further diagnosis

Hospice: Contract with hospice services to provide end-of-life care or caregiver relief

Respiratory Therapy: Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for respiratory illnesses or disease

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