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Why drive to Omaha or Sioux City? Burgess Health Center brings healthcare specialists directly to Onawa to provide quality care for you. Leading regional doctors perform procedures and surgeries right here at Burgess Health Center.

While the physicians staffing these clinics may change, the process of adding a clinic has remained the same. The Burgess active medical staff identifies a need to have a specialist available on a regular basis for their patients. The hospital then works with active medical staff and the specialty physicians to make arrangements to have the physician see patients on a regular basis using the hospital outpatient department as their office (the mental health department for the psychiatrist).

Individuals wishing to see a physician at one of the specialty clinics should contact their family physician for a referral. All appointments for specialty clinics are made through centralized scheduling (except for psychiatry – call Burgess Mental Health). Questions about these clinics, call 712-423-9363.

With Burgess Specialty Clinics here at home, you only need to be on one road — the road to good health.

Ask your family physician for a referral to Burgess Specialty Clinics today.

The current Specialty Clinics include:

  • Audiology (hearing)
  • Cardiology (heart)
  • Dermatology (skin, hair, nails)
  • ENT (ear, nose and throat)
  • Gynecology (female reproductive)
  • Nephrology (kidney)
  • Oncology (cancer)
  • Ophthalmology (eye)
  • Ortho (bones, joints, neck, spine) 
  • Podiatry (foot)
  • Psychiatry (mental health)
  • Pulmonary (lung)
  • Retinal (eye)
  • Rheumatology (arthritis)
  • Urology (kidney, bladder)

Sleep Studies are conducted at Burgess Health Center in Onawa and can be scheduled by contacting SomniTech at (515) 226-0900.

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