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FEBRUARY 17, 2017

Grief is a journey that doesn't have to be traveled alone. Often, talking or being with someone else who has experienced a loss can be helpful.

Burgess Home Health and Hospice is offering a 5-session grief support group for adults. Sessions will be held on March 15, 22, 29, April 3 and April 5 from 6 - 8:30 p.m. The support group will meet in the conference rooms at Burgess Health Center in Onawa, Iowa.

There is no charge to participate. Please bring a photo of your loved one for the first meeting.

This support group is for any adult who has experienced a loss through death. It is designed to offer members a safe and understanding atmosphere where support can be drawn, and feelings, fears, and frustrations can be shared with others traveling the same €œroad of grief.

While there is no time frame for when you experienced the loss of your loved one, it is recommended the loss have occurred at least two months before the start of the grief group.

Participants must pre-register by Friday, March 10. A minimum of four members is required for the group to take place. If you have questions or would like to register, please contact Jenny Kenney at Burgess Hospice by calling 712-423-9265.

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