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MARCH 02, 2017

New Wireless Fetal Monitor at Burgess

Thanks to the generous donations Burgess Foundation received at the Poinsettia Ball and Holiday Brunch, Burgess Family Beginnings now has two new fetal monitors. One monitor came with a wireless option, the Monica Novii. Some large hospitals don'€™t even have this technology yet. This dramatic upgrade is the latest equipment addition that will help to continue the advancement of care at Burgess Health Center.

Family Beginnings staff members love using this new technology. The wireless system monitors fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine activity, all with a single €˜peel and stick€™ patch. It is a cable-free system that requires no repositioning and keeps the work environment clear and safe, allowing for easier monitoring during clinical procedures. The system allows real mobility which can help the birthing experience. Laboring mothers are given the freedom for natural birthing positions.

This system also helps improve care for patients with a high body mass index (BMI). Picking up consistent, reliable fetal heart rate and uterine activity can be challenging on high BMI patients. Because Novii uses electrical signals, it is not impacted by maternal weight. Using this system translates into more reliable tracings and a higher quality of monitoring.

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