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Pre/Post Surgery Checklists

Burgess’ surgery director Anita Madsen, RN recommends the following tips to help make your surgical procedure as smooth and effective as possible:

Before Your Surgery

Patients should bring:

  • A list of current medications
  • A list of previous surgeries
  • A list of any allergies
  • A book or music to keep occupied while waiting


  • Leave all valuables at home
  • Bring a family member or friend to drive you home after surgery
  • Do not drink or eat anything the day of surgery unless otherwise specified by doctor
  • Follow all pre-op instructions given by your doctor
  • Wear comfortable clothes to surgery
  • A gown, robe, slippers and toiletries will be provided upon arrival
  • Inform the surgeon, nurse anesthetist and surgery staff if you have a history of nausea, motion sickness or previous anesthesia problems
  • Call your family doctor or surgeon to answer any questions you have before your surgery

After Your Surgery

  • Don’t resume normal activity until you are cleared by your doctor
  • Report any redness, swelling, odor, drainage or a warm temperature at incision site to your doctor
  • Keep surgical wound clean and dry unless instructed differently
  • Take pain medication as prescribed
  • Rest as needed
  • Inform your nurse of any vomiting or nausea

To treat nausea:

  • Rest
  • Place cool cloth on forehead
  • Take sips of lemon-lime soda
  • Eat bland foods
  • Follow instructions on discharge papers
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